lundi 14 octobre 2013

DEMO 2013

Mochalah brozeurs and sisteurze !

On a enregistré une démo cet été avec les moyens du bord, on la refourgue à prix libre partout où on passe (on peut même en envoyer si nécessaire) et puis on la refourgue gratos aussi en téléchargement plus bas et en streaming sur soundcloud.

Voilà la pochette :

Voilà la musique :

Et voilà les paroles et les téléchargements :


 If my brain is sick
If you wanna forget

Should i care,
Will I be OK

I'm full of your lies
I'm full of your shits
I'm full of your lies and shit x 3

You're a robot and that's it
You're a robot,a fucking robot

Pills for peace

They waste your life
They gave you pills

They gave you pills
Now you're safe, your brain is safe
You won't hurt no one
 The doctor said you need those shits
And you ate them
So they feel safer
And you full empty

You won't hurt no one

They'll feel safer

Spooky song

(Pas de paroles pour la chanson qui fait peur)

Friends at work

Why do you wanna know
What's inside my head ?
Where you wanna go
is deep in my mind
Cause i dont wan know
What's you looking for

There's no place for you
Within my own thoughts
I don't wanna talk
About such things with you
and you just wanna know
You don't ever care
I don't want to share
What's inside my head

More than a job

All i want to do is go home safe
All you care about is arrest me
What I'll do to you will hurt you a bit

You're so insane
It's such a nonsense
All i want to do is go home safe
And you just wanna lock me up
You just wanna lock me up
You must wanna force me to create
New orphans, and new widows
You're so insane.

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